About Lisa

Lisa Gerstman was born August 29, 1958 to Carol and Harvey Gerstman. Growing up in Brooklyn, Rosedale and Valley Stream, she was a wonderful daughter to her parents and older sister to Dan, Brad, and Linda. Like so many girls growing up in Metropolitan New York in the 1960s, Lisa was filled with the joys and wonderments of being a child. She was a genuinely beautiful person who enjoyed her dog Dixie and music. But most important to her was the comfort of her family. The summer prior to her passing, Lisa had graduated Forest Road School in Valley Stream and was looking forward to attending Valley Stream South High School. Lisa was a kind, caring and loving young lady who was adored by her grandparents, parents, siblings, family and friends.

Lisa’s memory is an open book that will live eternally in the hearts of all her family and friends. It is with tremendous meaning that a foundation that supports summer camps for children with special needs be created in her name. Camp was a tremendous joy in her life – it was a place where she built friendships that were cut short by the tragic bus accident that ended her life during the summer of 1970. It is truly a blessing to know that other children will get to go to summer camp, build friendships and fulfill dreams that she never fully realized.

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