Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about the Lisa Beth Gerstman Foundation.

Does the Lisa Beth Gerstman Foundation give grants to individual families?

No. The Foundation partners with established, accredited not-for-profit camps in the New York Metropolitan Area and provides funds to the camps so that they can provide partial or full scholarships to families in need.

How do I know if my child’s camp is a partnering camp?

Please refer to the Locations page for a complete list of partnering programs.

Do the partnering camps only accept children with special needs?

No. The partnering camps provide an integrated environment for children of all abilities.

Do the partnering camps accept children with any kind of disability?

The partnering camps accept children with a wide variety of special needs. Please contact the specific camping institutions for information about specific disabilities.

Do the camps provide transportation?

Not all camps provide transportation. Please contact the specific camps for information regarding transportation availability in your area.

For more information about specific camps, their accommodations, and transportation availability, please contact the Cross Island YMCA’s Special Populations Director Jean Dattner at 718-551-9325.

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